A day of snorkeling with Lumbalumba

The boat is scheduled to leave at 08:30.

After breakfast, just before 8.30, you walk down to the jetty where you will find all your snorkel equipment already on the boat. Everything has name tags on it and you also get a mesh bag from us with your name. All you need to do is check all is there.

Together with the boat crew, guides and other guests, it is decided where we go and the boat leaves.
It can take 10 minutes to up to an hour before we are on the snorkel site. This all depends on the snorkel site selection and which boat your are on.

 You might be sharing a boat with scuba divers but you’ll have a boat of your own if there are enough snorkelers. It also depends on the snorkel site selection. You’ll get a thorough snorkel briefing after arriving at the snorkel site. When everybody is ready you’ll enter the water together with your snorkel guide. Snorkelers always enter the water first if your boat is shared with scuba divers.

A snorkel day trip usually consists out of 2 or 3 snorkel sessions around Bunaken National Park or in Manado Bay. But we are highly flexible with our snorkel schedule. The more relaxed snorkelers can do 2 snorkel sessions including lunch on Diver III. For the more hardcore snorkelers we can offer 3 – 4 snorkel sessions on the faster Diver IV. Anything is possible.

We highly recommend to also go night snorkeling. You can do this by yourself of the house reef but you can also take a short boat ride to one of the close by snorkel sites. All whole new world opens up on the reef at night.

Where do we go snorkeling?

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