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Manado – North Sulawesi

Manado – North Sulawesi Gateway to Bunaken National Park & Lembeh Strait Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi in Indonesia and with its approximately 450.000 citizens more than a medium sized Indonesian city. Bordering one side, the Celebes Sea with Bunaken National marine park and on the other side beautiful green grown highlands and […]

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Bunaken National Marine Park

Bunaken National Marine Park Geography of the national park Bunaken National Marine Park is an officially protected and recognized marine national park in North Sulawesi in Indonesia. It exists out of two main parts, a northern and southern section. Its total size is 79.056 hectares of land and marine area. The southern section consists entirely […]

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Tips for Scuba Diving the tropics

Tips for scuba diving the tropics Enjoy your holiday to the fullest Scuba diving in the tropics is mostly associated with warm & clear waters, healthy coral life and tons of fish. Topped off with white beaches, palm trees and amazing sunsets. While this is true for many tropical dive locations, especially in North Sulawesi […]

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Hyastenus tabolongi spider crab

Spider crab named after our dive guide Maxi Hyastenus tabolongi There are so many animals & critters in the ocean that some go undiscovered or undescribed for many years, even if they are right under our noses. A great example is the species of spider crab or so called Maxi crab (Hyastenus tabolongi). This spider […]

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Waste water gardens in Manado

Waste water gardens in Manado What are waste water gardens? We have build several so-called Waste water Gardens (WWG’s) in our resort and tropical gardens in North Sulawesi – Indonesia. Wastewater Gardens systems are an environmentally-friendly approach to treating and recycling residential sewage, animal slurry and other types of contaminated water, protecting the groundwater and […]

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Whales & Dolphins in Bunaken National Marine Park

Whales and dolphins around Bunaken National Park The waters around Lumbalumba Resort are a popular place for whales and dolphins, these, sometimes huge, wonders of nature. On our daily trips to Bunaken Marine Park we frequently observe them real close to our dive boat. We haven’t discovered a particular season, but its a fact that […]

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Malaria and Dengue fever in North Sulawesi

Malaria and Dengue in North Sulawesi We are in the tropics, just above the equator and there are cases of Malaria and Dengue fever in Manado and North Sulawesi. Personally we have never met anyone who really had it, and that after having lived here for 28 over years. Because of that we don’t think […]

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