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The Lumbalumba Resort Team

Staff come and go in many resorts and there can be a lot of changes going on. But many of our staff in the team have been with us for a long time, some even from the start, and are familiar faces to our returning guests. Below are some of our staff, not all of them but we keep continuing updating this page as we go.


Dive guide, boat captain, driver, land tour guide, consultant, arranger of permits, it is too much to mention. Maxi is overall manager and has been with us from the very beginning. Whether you go diving, shopping, or on a land tour with him, you always come back with more knowledge.


Kres is one of our most experienced guides we have and has been with us since 1998. He is divercenter manager, PADI Open Water instructor, EFR/Nitrox instructor and deco chamber operator. Beside diving he is also boat captain and possibly your driver and guide if you want to make a land tour. His ever so charming attitude, makes him real pleasant company to be with.


Revol is multi functional. Not really part of the kitchen team but most of the time you find him there. His communication skills are well developed, he can dive, is bartender, waiter, does shopping, and a mean chess player. Beside that he has great knowlege of music and soccer. Once you start a conversation with him, you will be hooked for at least an hour!


Maria was one of the first female dive guides in Manado and as her husband Maxi, with us from the beginning. She has an extensive knowledge of what we have on marine life down here. Unfortunately, a few years ago she got problems with her sinuses and can’t dive any more. She is mostly in the office, welcomes new guests and also brings and takes them to the airport. Her never failing enthusiasm will leave an impression hard to forget.

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