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At Lumbalumba Resort – Manado, we have a total of 9 rooms in 3 different types of accommodation.

Our guest accommodations are all set on a mountain slope, surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens and the most spectacular sea views across Manado Bay and the Celebes Sea. You won’t find any better ocean views in North Sulawesi!

All our accommodations are equipped with the same facilities such as a private en-suit bathroom, AC and a large terrace with panoramic views across our gardens and the ocean.

Our tropical garden paradise

Lumbalumba Resort – Manado doesn’t have a lot of accommodation and the resort can be called small. Our property is large and more than 3 hectares big. Most of it is a beautiful and well maintained tropical botanical garden, a truly living project and continuous in development.

A wide variety of (fruit) trees, palms, orchids, bamboo, bougainvillea and other tropical plants are part of your daily views. We are always looking for new species and over the years have collected a great collection of different plants and trees.

Our selection of plants, trees and flowers is carefully landscaped between huge volcanic stones, slopes and ponds. A stroll through our garden will not disappoint you! Ask for a personal guided tour by Juud if you want to know more about what’s living in our garden.

Our Pool

The pool at Lumbalumba Resort is famous.

You won’t find a more beautiful pool in Manado or North Sulawesi.

The use of natural flagstones and the all around overflow, gives a stunning infinity effect, even at 40 meter above sea level. The deepest point is 2.5 meter deep, suitable for dive courses and you can take a serious plunge. The pool is kept clean & clear with a pool ionizer that uses silver and copper to keep the water clean & clear. It not only reduces the use of pool chemicals (no more chlorine smell or red / irritated eyes) but it also makes the water much more silkier and smoother then traditional chlorine pools. You’ll notice the different as soon as you dive into our pool.

Along one side of the pool we have created a beach with real, white beach sand. It can’t get much better with a cold Bintang beer, your toes in the sand while enjoying the most spectacular sunsets in North Sulawesi. Lounge chairs are placed strategically around the pool so you can enjoy the amazing sunsets with a cool drink from the most comfortable position. Over the years amazing pictures have been made in combination with the special optical illusions our pool can cause.

Sunsets in our resort are the best

Food & Beverage

The bar & restaurant are located close to the pool and is the central meeting point for all guests at Lumbalumba Resort – Manado. Breakfast, lunch and dinners are served here. Breakfast and dinner are served buffet style. For lunch we have a set menu to choose from.

We have wide variety of mainly Asian style dishes and our kitchen is one of the many reasons why we have a 40% repeat guest rate! Vegetarian & gluten free dishes are available, and we can cater to other special dietary requests. Please let is now your dietary wishes before arrival so we have time to shop & prepare. Nowadays almost every ingredient is available in Manado but some are more difficult to get then others.

also from our restaurant you an see amazing sunsets

The bar offers a good choice of beverages. Soft drinks, beer, several varieties of wine and international & local spirits are available. Revol, our bartender, holds the recipes of many different cocktails. Enjoying a sun downer from our restaurant or pool is a guest favorite.

amazing sea views from our garden to Manado Bay

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“For us, you are not just another tourist. For you, we are not just another dive resort”.

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