Scuba Diving Lembeh Strait

Dive Bunaken and Lembeh in 1 holiday

Scuba Diving Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi

The Mecca for underwater photography

Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi is known as the muck diving capitol of the world. It is home to one of the most, if not the most, dense critter population of the world. This narrow body of water lies between the east coast of North Sulawesi mainland and Lembeh Island. In the south of the Lembeh Strait lies the city & harbor of Bitung. Just north of that lies the Mecca for underwater photography. Thousands of scuba divers & underwater photographers have traveled here to photograph the natural wonders that roam around the black volcanic sand of the Lembeh Strait.

Black Sand Dive Retreat

For already many years we work together with Black Sand Dive Retreat in the Lembeh Strait. Together we offer combination trips between Bunaken National Park and the Lembeh Strait. Black Sand Dive Retreat is a 7-bungalow boutique dive resort spread across three hectares of a coconut plantation. The resort is fronted by a private black sand beach in sheltered Kambahu Bay. Since their opening in 2007, Black Sand Dive Retreat has been offering personalized services for an exceptional dive holiday experience in the muck diving capitol of the world.

Some of Lembeh’s most renowned muck diving sites are at the doorstep of Black Sand Dive Retreat. You can dive Hairball 3, TK1 and TK2 within stones throw distance from their beach. What more can you ask for?

Scuba Dive Bunaken National Park and the Lembeh Strait

With 1 email you can book this excellent combination of two of the worlds best dive destinations in 1 holiday. Write to Lumbalumba Resort at or Black Sand Dive Retreat at and we make your dream dive holiday come true. We will make sure that transfers from and to the resorts are done smooth and you’ll have maximum dive time available in both locations.

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