Uncover – North Sulawesi

Bunaken - Bangka - Lembeh

Uncover – North Sulawesi

“Immerse into diversity”

Bunaken – Bangka – Lembeh

Travel across North Sulawesi and uncover the diversity that it has to offer, above and below the surface. Your trip of a life time starts by diving & snorkeling the rich reefs of Bunaken National Park. You’ll explore the shallows and depths of the surrounding waters and stay at Lumbalumba Resort. There you will have a taste of the Minahasan culture by venturing into the highlands with its bustling little villages and active volcanoes. At the end of your stay you’ll take a boat ride all around the tip of North Sulawesi before settling on a seemingly endless white sandy beach. Here Uncover – North Sulawesi continues.

 Uncover – North Sulawesi and dive or snorkel around the rugged shores & submerged pinnacles of Cape Pulisan and Bangka Island. You will stay at Pulisan Resort. Immerse yourself between the bright & multicolored soft corals for which this area is famous. You can venture through Tangkoko rain forest. Here you will come face to face with some of its endemic species like the Tarsiers and black crested macaques. Take a trip to the famous Lembeh Strait where we will introduce you to the weird & wonderful world of black sand muck diving. Eventually you will drift off in your hammock under a palm tree while reminiscing all the highlights of your trip uncovering North Sulawesi!

Enjoy sunsets in Lumbalumba Resort

Enjoy sunrises in Pulisan Resort

The following is only a sample package (5 nights at each resort).
Packages are flexible and can be tailor made to your wishes and needs.
For example can you start at Lumbalumba Resort but also at Pulisan. You can do the transfer by boat but also over land.
You can also combine the land transfer with a Minahasa tour. A lot is possible. Just let us know what you want.

10 nights Uncover – North Sulawesi

Day 1 – Arrival at Manado international airport where you will be greeted by a Lumbalumba staff member and transferred to the resort

Day 2 – Guided scuba diving / snorkeling in Bunaken National Park. Choice of 2 or 3 dives or snorkeling sessions.

Day 3 – Guided scuba diving / snorkeling in Manado Bay with a night dive / snorkel at the house reef to end the day.

Day 4 – Highland tour

Day 5 – Guided scuba diving / snorkeling in Bunaken National Park. Choice of 2 or 3 dives or snorkeling sessions.

Day 6 – Boat transfer with 2 guided boat dives / snorkel sessions along the way to Pulisan Resort

Day 7 – Guided scuba diving / snorkeling around Bangka Island. Choice of 2 or 3 dives or snorkeling sessions.

Day 8 – Guided scuba diving / snorkeling in the Lembeh Strait. Choice of 2 or 3 dives or snorkeling sessions.

Day 9 – Guided scuba diving / snorkeling around Cape Pulisan. Choice of 2 or 3 dives or snorkeling sessions.

Day 10 – A day of off gassing while exploring Tangkoko National Park

Day 11 – Transfer back to airport

Relax by the pool at Lumbalumba Resort

Relax in a hammock by the beach at Pulisan Resort

Lumbalumba Resort and Pulisan Resort are 2 completely different resorts, in different locations and setting, and on opposite sides of North Sulawesi. Both resorts are small & intimate and complement each other well.

Lumbalumba Resort – Manado

Lumbalumba Resort only has 6 chalets with a total of 9 luxurious accommodations. All situated on a mountain slope surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens and the most spectacular sea views across Manado Bay and the Celebes Sea. You won’t find any better ocean views in North Sulawesi!

All accommodations are equipped with the same facilities such as a private en-suit bathroom, AC and a large terrace with panoramic views across our gardens and the ocean.

Pulisan Resort

In harmony with its beautiful setting of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, amongst the cliffs and amazing view of Mount Tangkoko, rises Pulisan Resort. A picturesque and simple resort, inspirationally conceived to capture the essence of the surrounding natural wonders and host the most welcome and appreciated guests with quality service. Pulisan Resort offers an impeccable setting for unique moments of adventure, excitement and memories to last a lifetime.

Pulisan Resort is your total disconnection getaway. Nestled neatly below rolling hills and tucked beside the cliffs on North Sulawesi’s Minahasa Peninsula, the feeling of seclusion is defined. Just steps from your bungalow, find yourself on a soft white sand beach with stunning views of Mount Tangkoko and Pulau Lembeh. So, grab a book, or your headphones, kick back in a hammock and savor the time to unwind.

For inquiries or more information about our Uncover – North Sulawesi package you can contact Lumbalumba Resort at info@lumbalumbaresort.com or contact Pulisan Resort at info@pulisanresort.com.

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