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Scuba diving the house reef

Scuba diving the house reef

Right at our doorstep lies a wonderful coral reef ready to be explored. Our so called house reef is home to many different critters and animals. Even after multiple dives you still want to go back for another dive. Scuba diving the house reef is something each guests should try at least once during their stay at Lumbalumba Resort.

The house reef slopes down around our jetty. There are beautiful hard coral gardens, rubble patches that are home to many critters and we also have some artificial reef (reef balls) at around 16m deep. The rocks that form the jetty have become a safe haven for many fish and porites hard corals are growing abundantly all over. There are already beautiful corals right beneath the boat and in the shallowest part you’ll find sea grass.

Easy access for scuba diving the house reef

Guided or unguided?

The house reef can be dived guided & unguided. We always recommend to bring a guide along. They know the house reef very well and will be able to show you more critters. But we understand that you might like to dive independently, as you do at home. That’s why unguided house reef diving is available for free. On your very first house reef dive we will always send a dive guide with you, with no extra cost, so you get a feeling of the reef and know where to go on your next house reef dives.

A T-Bar nudibranch (Ceratosoma trilobatum) during a night dive at the house reef

Day and night scuba diving

Easy access to our house reef makes it suitable for scuba diving it at any time of the day. A giant stride from our floating jetty is always possible, at low and high tide. But we also have built stairs going down into the water, straight from the dive center. After gearing up you just walk down the stairs and start your dive. This is the easiest way of entering the water but is best done when it is high tide. At low tide it is still possible but more difficult as the shallowest part can be completely dry.

A Peacock mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus) at the house reef

Diving the house reef during daytime is already an amazing experience but doing it at night adds a whole new dimension to it. Different critters show up during the night shift and often you see more because you are just focusing on the beam of your torch.

Bigfin reef squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana) is a common sight during night dives

Make sure to scuba dive the house reef when you are here. Ask your guide for more information or talk to one of the owners, they’ll help you out and even join you during the dives.

Check out the video below about our house reef.

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