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Malaria and Dengue fever in North Sulawesi

Malaria and Dengue in North Sulawesi

We are in the tropics, just above the equator and there are cases of Malaria and Dengue fever in Manado and North Sulawesi. Personally we have never met anyone who really had it, and that after having lived here for 23 over years. Because of that we don’t think there is a great risk but you will always have to be cautious.

How to prevent Malaria or Dengue fever?

But it is possible, especially in the wet season and when traveling to other parts of Indonesia, like Raja Ampat or Kalimantan, that are known for more cases of Malaria and Dengue fever. You can take medication (prophylaxis) to prevent Malaria. The most popular is Malarone or Malanil (Atovaquone-proguanil). Consult your family doctor or tropical disease center in your home country and follow their advice.

Even with prophylaxis, you are not 100% protected and against Dengue fever  there are no prophylaxis. You need to get stung by a certain kind of mosquito to get infected. This mosquito should have stung somebody who was already infected to be able to transmit the disease. This mosquito is mainly active early morning and around dusk. The best way to prevent Malaria and Dengue fever is to not get stung by this mosquito. You can do that by using plenty of insect repellent that contains the ingredient “deet”, especially during the risk periods (early morning-late afternoon). Our experience is that a product with 50% deet is most effective in our parts.

Aedes aegypti, the moqsquito that can spread dengue fever.

For your comfort at our resort

All our accommodation has mosquito netting in front of ventilation windows in case you want to have them open. In the room you also have a can with mosquito repellent. If you spray the room a bit before you go to the restaurant for dinner, you will sleep mosquito and smell free (from the repellent). Turning on your ceiling fan will also help keeping them away.

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