Malaria and Dengue fever in North Sulawesi

Malaria and Dengue in North Sulawesi
We are in the tropics, just above the equator and there are cases of Malaria and Dengue fever in Manado and North Sulawesi. Personally we have never met anyone who […]

Waste water gardens in Manado

Waste water gardens in Manado
What are waste water gardens?
We have build several so-called Waste water Gardens (WWG’s) in our resort and tropical gardens in North Sulawesi – Indonesia. Wastewat […]

Whales & Dolphins in Bunaken National Marine Park

Whales and dolphins around Bunaken National Park
The waters around Lumbalumba Resort are a popular place for whales and dolphins, these, sometimes huge, wonders of nature. On our daily trips to Bunake […]

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