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Waste water gardens in Manado

Waste water gardens in Manado

What are waste water gardens?

We have build several so-called Waste water Gardens (WWG’s) in our resort and tropical gardens in North Sulawesi – Indonesia. Wastewater Gardens systems are an environmentally-friendly approach to treating and recycling residential sewage, animal slurry and other types of contaminated water, protecting the groundwater and greening the landscape. We have build these to clean our waste water because it is an extremely simple and ECO-friendly way of cleaning waste water. The ideal applications for constructed wetlands are for houses, businesses, communities and all operations using water which either do not have connections to centralized wastewater treatment systems and must do on-site treatment and reuse – or where not sufficient treatment is provided by existing treatment systems. This in particularly applies to us here in Manado and should be being used by many more around here.

Newly created waste water garden in our resort

A flourishing waste water garden in our resort

How do wastewater gardens work?

This is briefly how they work:

Before the waste water comes in contact with ground water it goes through a large, solid and closed septic tank. From there it enters the Waste Water Garden, which is basically a waterproof tank, filled with gravel and a variety of plants. An ingenious pipe system leads the waste water through the cell where the biological processes of plants and microbes, in combination of sunlight and gravity, purify the waste water.

See for yourself at Lumbalumba Resort – Manado

Due to the high nutrient supply, the waste water gardens quickly start flourishing and become lush, attractive gardens and eco systems on their own in the landscape. There are no bad odors and there is no mosquito breeding.

This way of wastewater treatment has been proven to be far more effective and long-lasting than conventional sewage treatment. Particularly in tropical zones.

Wastewater treatment is not a difficult problem to solve in a responsible way and we hope sincerely that others will follow soon.

A good source for more information on waste water gardens is

Source: Institute of EcoTechnics

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